Jaime A. Rincon A.

About me

I am a Lecturer at the University of Burgos and a member of the research group (GICAP) focused on Applied Computational Intelligence. My background is deeply rooted in the realm of technology. I hold a Bachelor's degree in Biomedical Engineering from Universidad Manuela Beltrán in Colombia, along with a Master's degree in Artificial Intelligence from Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, and a PhD in Computer Science from the same institution. My expertise encompasses a variety of areas, including IoT, IoMT, Cognitive Assistants, assistive robotics for the elderly, and Edge AI. I take pride in my contributions to over 50 articles published in specialized journals and my participation in both national and international conferences.

As a robotics enthusiast, I bring my passion and expertise in artificial intelligence, shape recognition, digital imaging, and language technologies to a wide range of multidisciplinary contexts. I specialize in integrating proprietary technologies and systems to create innovative solutions. I am constantly seeking new opportunities to apply my knowledge in the field of robotics and intelligent programming, and am eager to find a career where I can put my skills to use.